Hometown: Plymouth,Wi

Experience: Started brewing in Fall of 2004

Brewing Rig: I use a custom-built Heat Exchange Recirculating System (HERMS), 10kW Electric system. I have a dual-pump system for fly sparge and a counter-flow chiller below the Boil Kettle. Tun volumes are 20gal each.

First Brew: A poorly attenuated British Brown Ale

Extract or All-Grain:  All Grain

Favorite Style to Brew: 20A – American Porter

Least favorite Style to Brew: 1C – Cream Ale, It just never seems to work for me

Favorite Hop: Hallertauer has a nice aroma, but Cascade is definitely my most heavily used hop

Favorite Malt: Chocolate Roast Malt

Brewing Tricks or Favorite Gadget:

   In terms of Gadget, my favorite is probably my refractometer. Not having to pull as large of a sample and waiting for it to cool during the boil was a greatly appreciated improvement.

   My favorite trick is forced carbonation in kegs. It is faster and has a greater level of precision that bottle conditioning. I can set a pressure at a constant temp and it’ll be the same Vols of CO2 every time.

Most unusual ingredient used: The most unusual ingredient might be oak dowels that I charred on my grill. Keep in mind this was before oak barrels were cool and the spirals were not common either. So at the time, my friends thought I was insane putting burnt wooden rods in my carboy.

How did you get started? : I got started in extract brewing when I saw a kit at the local Walmart. I thought to myself, “is making beer really that easy to make beer?”, to which I was absolutely correct, and yet so horribly wrong.

Why do you think you have a passion for homebrewing? : At first it was just a bit of a unique hobby, but as the microbrew trend took off, I started to find events and my friends became more interested in what I was doing. My conversion from extract to All grain really opened up my eyes and created a whole new appreciation for beer.


2016 Kohler Festival of Beer, Best in Show

2016 Kohler Festival of Beer, Runner Up

2016 Fond du Lac Beer Fest, Winner – Wine, Cider, Mead division

2015 Kohler Festival of Beer, Peoples’ Choice Runner-up

2014 Kohler Festival of Beer, Peoples’ Choice Champion